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Why choose A-1 Pawn?
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We are a family business that has been serving the community for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on treating you with respect and providing top notch customer service.

Can I sell my merchandise?
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Yes, you have the option of simply selling your merchandise at a pawnshop.

Can I get my merchandise back (i.e. what is a pawn)?
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If you pawn your item you have 30 days to pay the loan amount plus interest to retrieve your item or you may pay only the interest to extend the loan for an additional 30 days. So, basically, a pawn is a short term loan in exchange for merchandise (i.e.: broken gold, jewelry, electronics, tools, etc...). You may extend the loan as many times as you would like. If you do not come within 30 days your item may go out for sale. Most customers redeem or pay to extend their items. Please keep in mind that when you pawn your item, it goes in the back and is not visual to the public. A loan (pawn) can range from $5 to $10,000 and the item being pawned must be yours.

What forms of identification are required to pawn or sell?
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You must bring 2 forms of identification. The first must be a valid driver's or non-driver's government issued ID. The second should be either a social security card, credit card, military ID, or other form of ID with your name on it.

How do you determine the value of the loan?
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We examine each item's condition and age to determine its condition and resale value. We pay top prices on gold whether scrap, broken or re-saleable jewelry.

What items do you accept?
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Gold, diamonds, coins and any jewelry or scrap gold will usually get you the best loan at a pawnshop. We also take many forms of electronics, firearms, tools and designer merchandise. If it has a resale value, we will consider taking it.

Can I pawn my auto or motorcycle at A-1 Pawn?
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Yes! We take many forms of automobiles typically, motorcycles, cars and trucks. We consider age and condition when considering if we can accept your auto. Also, you must be the owner of the vehicle and have a clear title in order for us to accept it for pawn or sale.

What items will you not accept?
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Age and functionality are the main issues we face on what to accept and not accept. Each piece of merchandise is different. All items are considered however, we cannot make any guarantees without seeing the item first. You must be the owner of the item in order to pawn or sell it.

Are my items safe while in pawn?
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Yes. You still own your items while they are in pawn. Jewelry is all kept in safes and not touched until you come to redeem it. Electronics, tools, etc. are all kept in our storage room where it is also not touched until you come to redeem it. We are fully insured and our large customer base can tell you why they trust us.

Why not sell my jewelry to Cash for Gold, a gold selling party, or at the mall?
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Compare what they pay we offer more and we guarantee that we will give you more money. More than twice as much in most cases!! Pawnshops are the original venue for people to sell their unwanted precious metals.

Do you have a layaway plan?
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Of course we do!! It is as simple as putting down a 20% non refundable deposit then paying 20% monthly. We also customize your law a way plan to fit your budget.

What is your return policy?
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Jewelry has a 15day exchange policy. On electronics and other items, we do not offer any warrantees. Remember, you can always ask for an exception if you're worried about buying merchandise from a pawnshop for the first time. We're pretty eager to accommodate customers, so that we may serve you in the future.

Do you clean and fix Jewelry?
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Yes! When you purchase your jewelry from us we make sure it is in the best condition it can possibly be in before you walk out our door. You may also request a cleaning at any time in the future for pieces purchased at A-1 Pawnbrokers for free! In most cases, we'll even clean the jewelry that you didn't purchase from us if you are conducting business. Please keep in mind that we cannot be responsible for stones that may have been loose and fall out during the cleaning process. We simply offer this as a courtesy. Please come in and ask one of our Jewelry Associates if we can help you.

Do you guarantee your jewelry to appraise for double?
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Yes! Within 60 days, if you get an accredited appraisal that is not twice what you paid, we will pay you the difference. We will also give you a big discount on your next purchase to make it up to you. Please keep in mind that there is a $2000 limit on this guarantee. Typically our jewelry appraises for even more than double but pieces purchased for over $2000 will be on a case by case basis. Please ask if your large purchase qualifies. As always, we take great pride in customer service and count on your repeat business at A-1Pawnbrokers.

What areas does A1 Pawn serve?
line 3A1 Pawn is convenient to all of the following zip codes:

20601 Waldorf
20607 Accokeek
20608 Aquasco
20613 Brandywine
20623 Cheltenham
20703 Lanham - Seabrook
20705 Beltsville
20706 Lanham
20707 Laurel
20708 Laurel - Montpelier Area
20709 Laurel - Montpelier
20710 Bladensburg
20712 Mount Rainier
20715 Bowie - North
20716 Bowie - South East
20717 Bowie - Mitchellville
20718 Bowie - Bowie Plaza
20719 Bowie - West Bowie
20720 Bowie - South West
20721 Bowie - Mitchellville Area
20722 Brentwood
20731 Capital Heights
20735 Clinton
20737 Riverdale
20738 Riverdale - Kenilworth
20740 College Park - North
20742 College Park
20743 Capitol Heights Area
20744 Fort Washington
20745 Oxon Hill Area
20746 Suitland Area
20747 District Heights - Forestville
20748 Temple Hills Area
20749 Fort Washington
20750 Oxon Hill
20752 Suitland
20753 District Heights
20757 Temple Hills
20762 Washington - Andrews Afb
20768 Greenbelt
20769 Glenn Dale
20770 Greenbelt Area
20771 Goddard Space Center
20772 Upper Marlboro Area
20773 Upper Marlboro
20774 Upper Marlboro
20775 Upper Marlboro - Largo-Ketterin
20780 Hyattsvile
20781 Hyattsville Area
20782 Hyattsville - West
20783 Hyattsville - Adelphi
20784 Hyattsville - Landover Hills
20785 Hyattsville - Landover
20787 Hyattsville - Langley Park
20788 Hyattsville - Pr. Georges Plaza
20791 Hampton Park
20792 Upper Marlboro
20903 Silver Spring
20912 Silver Spring - Takoma Park

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